FUGEN SICAV RAIF investment philosophy is based on:

  • Systematic use of Trend-Following models
  • Long-Short Strategies
  • A.I. modelling
  • Macro-Economic Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis

The outcome of all this is FUGEN SICAV RAIF only partially correlates to the majority of the trend-following investment strategies available in the market.

At FUGEN we believe that a directional quantitative approach supported by A.I. modelling is the way to go. This is further supported by a state of the art asset allocation, driven by transition analysis, A.I. models, and a rigorous risk management process. All this makes FUGEN your unique investment opportunity.


FUGEN SICAV RAIF's operational and analytical approach is guaranteed by professionals with extensive careers in quantitative management, macroeconomic and fundamental analysis. Over the years they produced and perfected investment models aimed at reducing "emotional noise" and minimizing portfolio volatility.

Massimo Plaino is head of the Financial Market Area. With over 20 years of experience in different investment banks, he managed credit trading teams, and covered emerging markets for a good part of this career. He has deep knowledge in managing complex interest rate books, forex, and derivatives supported by a solid macroeconomic background. He embraced FUGEN SICAV RAIF project with enthusiasm and analytical spirit.

Romano De Bortoli is heading Fugen Research Team. He is an engineer embracing finance and spent his career actively following and studying algorithm trading. He developed advanced automatic algorithms applied to a whole range of asset classes over different time frames. His mathematical and statistical approach is a cornerstone driving FUGEN SICAV RAIF quantitative investments. The Research Team consists of strong analysts with engineering and backgrounds, and works with external entities such as domestic and international Universities. It is this continuous search of new techniques and methods that allows FUGEN to be at the forefront of market innovation. Deep Learning (Neural Networks LSTM), Reinforced Deep Learning, Random Forest, KNN, SVC, Ensemble Modelling are just a few A.I. instruments applied by our team.

FUGEN, the Investment FUture GENeration.