FUGEN SICAV RAIF investment philosophy is based on:

  • Systematic use of Trend-Following models
  • Long-Short Strategies
  • A.I. modelling
  • Macro-Economic Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis

The outcome of all this is FUGEN SICAV RAIF only partially correlates to the majority of the trend-following investment strategies available in the market.

At FUGEN we believe that a directional quantitative approach supported by A.I. modelling is the way to go. This is further supported by a state of the art asset allocation, driven by transition analysis, A.I. models, and a rigorous risk management process. All this makes FUGEN your unique investment opportunity.


FUGEN SICAV RAIF's operational and analytical approach is guaranteed by professionals with extensive careers in quantitative managementmacroeconomic and fundamental analysis. Over the years they produced and perfected investment models aimed at reducing "emotional noise" and minimizing portfolio volatility.

Fugen Trading team boasts of professionals from different backgrounds with solid experience in macroeconomic, technical, quantitative and fundamental analysis.

From the deep knowledge and analysis of the markets comes the quality of the strategies adopted and applied in the opportunistic management model.

Fugen Research team is populated by engineers "borrowed" to finance who offer their skills and knowledge in mathematics, statistics and information technologies, to study, analyze, test and implement quantitative models and Machine Learning to support the activity of investment and portfolio management, so as to reduce as much as possible the negative effects of discretionary choices.

It is this continuous search of new techniques and methods that allows FUGEN to be at the forefront of market innovation. Deep Learning (Neural Networks LSTM), Reinforced Deep Learning, Random Forest, KNN, SVC, Ensemble Modelling are just a few A.I. instruments applied by our team. FUGEN, the Investment FUture GENeration.